Errata (DVD Demystified, second edition)

Please let Jim know if you find any errors not listed.

p. 32, paragraph 2: should read "...Sony's professional 3/4-inch U-matic video cassette tape" (not "1/4-inch")
p. 41, paragraph 2: should read "Part of the disc contained 20 minutes of standard audio tracks ... whereas the other part contained 5 to 6 minutes of analog video ..."
p. 108: should read "in some cases" (not "in some case")
p. 109: should read "which is a good thing" (not "which is good thing")
p. 150, problem 4, explanation: " a CD-R..." (not "CR-R")
p. 169: should read "lack the software needed" (not "software need")
p. 171, paragraph 3: should read "Halos or ringing are small areas" (not "mall areas")
p. 185, fig. 4.5: DVD-14 should be labeled "DS/ML" (not "SS/ML")
p. 185, footnote: should read "CD standard enables tracks to be placed" (not "CD standard tracks enables to be placed")
p. 200, paragraph 1: should read "Contemporary IEEE 1394 implementations are limited to 400 Mbps" (not "40 Mbps")
p. 237, last paragraph: should read "...and 2-byte sync codes are inserted" (not "1-byte")
p. 247, table 5.9: DVD and CD columns are reversed for "Slightly larger data area" (DVD data area is larger)
p. 252, table 6.1: column heading should read "Minimum (kbps)" (not "Mbps")
p. 280, table 6.15, SPRM 14: decimal values should be 0, 1, 2, 3 (not 0, 2, 3, 4); binary values are correct
p. 289, table 6.19, row 13 (Pixel aspect ratio): should read "Refer to Table 6.22" (not "Refer to Table 6.17")
p. 304, paragraph 3: should read "MPEG Layer III" (not "Layer II")
p. 308, fig 6.30: should read "Digital optical" (not "Aigital optical")
p. 320, table 6.38: PCM sample frequencies should be in kHz (not Hz)
p. 332, paragraph 2: list of frequencies should read "44.1, 48, 88.2, ..." (not "44.1, 44, 88.2, ...")
p. 356, table 8.1: average pit length and track pitch should be in micrometers (Ám) (not meters)
p. 320, table 6.38, row 2, column 3: should read "1 to 6" (not "1 o 6")
p. 369, "Audio" paragraph: should read "slightly lower quality (32 kHz, 12-bit, non-linear PCM)"
p. 408: should read "It is possible" (not "it possible")
p. 463, last line: should read "A level 1 disc contains only ISO MPEG-2 program stream files" (not "A level 2 disc...")
p. 542, last paragraph: should read "codecs such as Cinepak" (not "codes such as Cinepak" -- don't get me started about clueless proofreaders!)
p. 629, aliasing: should read "...when the signal frequency is more than half the sampling frequency." (not "...when the signal frequency is more than twice the sampling frequency.")

Errata (accompanying disc)

DVD Showcase: Audio: Stargaze: PCM audio track is 48/24 (not 96/24).
Region check does not correctly report region 4.

Errata for the first edition is here.