Reader comments about Jim Taylor's DVD FAQ

"This spare, art-free site deserves mention for one reason only: It's home to the Web's most current and complete DVD FAQ. Maintained by minor tech legend Jim Taylor, it's not your typical FAQ. Outside of The Starr Report, it just might be the most thorough document known to man--though hardly as prurient."
-- Michael Yessis, E! Online

"Your construction and maintenance of the DVD FAQ is a shining example of the power and best use of the internet. A distillation of frankly presented information on new technology, immensely beneficial to prospective users. My sincere thanks for your enormous efforts."
-- Chris Meli

"I first wanted to say THANK YOU because you are an angel sent from heaven to give the rest of the world the incredible encyclopedia of knowledge that is the DVD FAQ which you post and update. I have read and referred to that thing so many times, I can't tell you how invaluable it's been. Thank you thank you thank you."
-- J.D. Beltran

"I want to thank you profusely for writing and maintaining the DVD FAQ. It helped me solve a key question involving which format (NTSC, PAL, or both) to choose when mastering a project I'm working on for worldwide DVD distribution. It's a great FAQ. I've written several FAQs myself, including one the same length of the DVD FAQ, but yours is a work of perfection."
-- Jim Leonard

"This is the biggest meanest DVD FAQ out there, over 200k, this one will fill your mind with more DVD information than you'll probably want. Read it at your own peril."
-- DVD Infomatrix

"This is the most comprehensive, exhaustive study I've seen and have been looking for. Perhaps this is your research thesis?? I must ask myself why you did it? I can only hope you, and the others, were handsomely rewarded for your vast, vast efforts."
-- Milton S. Evenson

"I am amazed at its comprehensiveness and style."
-- Peter Lindner

"Wow, What a great site. Thank you so much for providing the information on your page. Fantastic."
-- John Gordon

"Immense thanks are in order for putting your FAQs on the net. I was literally going mad trying to set up my new DVD player. This information definitely allowed me to retain my sanity."
-- George Campbell

"I wanted to say 'thanks' for maintaining your DVD FAQ. It's probably the greatest compilation of DVD info in existence."
-- Ray McCalla, DVDepot

"Thanks so much for the brilliant and extremely thorough DVD FAQ site. I've learned more than I knew existed, and I've only read through part 1 so far."
-- Phil Isenberg

"Impressive page. A wealth of information. Denotes passion of the author. Better than an encyclopedia."
-- George Bazgan

"I was compelled to write this e-mail because I feel that it is the most complete FAQ sheet I have ever seen, no only on DVD, but on anything. I congratulate you on the amount of information in this FAQ."
-- Ken Gurell

"I didn't know much about DVD but I know a lot more now. Well done."
-- Ken Anderson

"It took me all afternoon to read, but in my opinion, the information density rating is in the top 1% of all web material."
-- Frank Valentine

"Thank you for such a thorough and informative document. It can be wonderful to just lose yourself in engineering trivia for an hour or two..."
-- David Wood

"I can't say enough how informative and most importantly useful is your DVD-FAQ!"
-- Meir Guttman

"Just wanted to say that your FAQ page is extraordinary - - this morning is the first time I visited it. From there I found more information - on your page as well as links - than I know what to do with. Thank you for the time and energy you have put into it, and continue to put into it. A major resource for me."
-- Larry

"I needed to know what kind of DVD player I should buy and I came across your FAQ and found it to be exactly what I needed. I wanted to thank you for providing it! I think you've made an excellent contribution to society! If we all put in as much as you have, then we'd have a better world by far."
-- Mike Luckow

"Your commitment to and support of the DVD FAQ is undoubtedly contributing to DVDs growth and mainstream acceptance as a format."
-- Shane Ross

"Dude, your DVD FAQ is the reason I got into DVD."
-- Tom Kidd

"I want to congratulate you on your great DVD-FAQ. It simply is the best site on the web on DVD. Keep up the good work!"
-- Christian Spoo

"Thanks to your information, I no longer have to shop for a new DVD player!"
-- Larry Davis

"Just visited the site 'DVD Demystified' and was amazed at the amount of info in there."
-- Stuart O'Donnell, Phaebus

January 16, 2001