[Silly Photo]I'm planning on writing more about myself that hopefully won't bore you to tears, but I'm just too busy right now. (Flashback: I wrote these words in 1996. I'm still too busy. Funny that.) The thing is, I keep reaching these "plateaus" in my life where I'm busier than I thought I could ever be, yet deluded that I'll get less busy. Somehow I get more busy until I reach another plateau of previously unfathomable busyness. But at least I'm not bored.

My experience with the Internet began in 1984 (using BitNet, actually). I dabbled in e-mail, Usenet, and FTP. After a few years of abstinence I rediscovered it in November of 1994. Boy had it changed! It wasn't just text anymore. I wrote my first HTML document in December 1994. I never thought I'd be a publisher. Now everyone can make vacuous information look good!

I used to program in Pascal, C, and HyperTalk. Then I got too busy to use a real programming language so I used AppleScript, PAL (Paradox), Access BASIC, and Visual BASIC. Now I just use HTML and a bit of JavaScript. Pretty soon I expect to simply spew ideas at voice-recognition application development agent software and let it do everything.

Here's my old office at Videodiscovery. Here's where my office at Microsoft in Building 27 was. Here's Sonic, another company I used to work for. It's a long walk from there to where I live (799 miles, to be exact). Here's before and after pictures of my house (notice big ugly construction junk right in the middle of the view).

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    Apr 11
    Updated various things, including prediction results.
    Dec 04
    New maps of Microsoft and Fox Island.
    Jun 02
    New maps of Sonic and Fox Island.
    Jul 00
    New picture of me on my main page.
    Feb 00
    Map of Microsoft on this page.
    Nov 96
    Even more From the Brain of Jeff. (lemmings, meeting people, men and drugs)
    Nov 96
    A new prediction from me. We'll have to wait 18 years to see if I'm right. Also one from Western Union.
    A novel nugget From the Brain of Jeff. (Yojimbo)
    Oct 96
    Predictions from Edison. 'Guess he wasn't so smart after all!
    Wads of new items From the Brain of Jeff. (Plan 9, meteorologist, velociraptor, German, sound effects, romantic triangle)
    July 96
    Predictions from me (recipe computers) and D.W. Griffith. Results of Personal Finance Newsletter's bad advice.
    A new zinger From the Brain of Jeff. (Shaving Cats)
    Added the cool NetMind link and the even cooler maps of my office and my house.
    Apr 96
    Predictions from me (DVD-ROM) and Popular Mechanics. Plus analyses of my predictions.
    Fresh goodies From the Brain of Jeff. (Toggle Bolt, Cat Food)
    Jan 96
    Lots of new predictions from other people.
    New stuff From the Brain of Jeff. (Tendrils of Life, Fran Tarkenton)
    Dec 95
    I got brave and made another prediction. Personal Finance Newsletter got stupid and made a financial prediction.
    Some more From the Brain of Jeff. (Epilady, Naughty Bits)
    Nov 95
    Removed links page. Who cares about my links anyway? Go to Yahoo if you want links. (Flashback: I wrote those words when Yahoo was little more than an organized list of links to other Web sites.)
    I mused a bit more.
    Yet more From the Brain of Jeff. (Frozen TV)
    Sep 95
    A few changes and a bit more rambling on this page.
    Even more From the Brain of Jeff. (The Twinkie)
    May 95
    More From the Brain of Jeff.

    Jim Taylor
    04 Apr 2011